Search Engine Optimisation

S.E.O. is an acronym for Search Engine Optimisation.

Generally, seo aims to optimise an advertisers web site and pages for the best possible rankings in natural search results.  Natural search results are seen in the main window (left side) below Google Ads and to the left of Google Ads.

In other words, free, natural results.  Google determines the results based on a complicated algorithym that ensures the most accurate results based on the word/s, term that the person searched for.

Google’s algorithym today is a complex set of rules that ensure on the whole, good honest results.  Unfortunately, professional search engine marketeers have long attempted to abuse and affect the results by using tactics to over-ride the algorithym.   Not only is it dishonest, like most things in life, it is short-term and results in a de-ranking (sandbox) when Google discovers the ploy.

Not only do we choose to NOT use any tactics or ploys in our SEO, we highly recommend advertisers never consider it.