Google Adwords Management

Business can try to climb to the top by themselves, or enlist the services of a team who know what they are doing!

Way To Go have been managing Adwords Campaigns since their inception and enjoy working with their advertising partner Google.

Optimising can assist with the delivery of highly targeted, relevant traffic to your website. You will be provided with visitors who are genuinely interested in your products and services, and who are ready to make a buying decision. We can achieve this by using Pay Per Click marketing campaigns and strategies.

Millions of searches are made on Google each and every day. Within this number there are many of users who are looking for the exact product or service you are offering. Can they find you there?

By strategically placing your ads in the search results page whenever someone makes a relevant search, we can help you connect with more potential customers. With Pay Per Click you only pay when someone actually visits your website, making it measurable, effective, and high ROI.

Pay Per Click services include:

  • Analysing your business and identifying your online advertising goals
  • Establishing a monthly PPC budget
  • Setting up an account for your business on Google Adwords
  • Identifying the keywords your customers are searching for
  • Writing effective ad copy
  • Bid management and optimisation
  • Modifying keywords/ad copy as required to improve Click Through Rates (CTR)
  • Regular reporting of results

PPC Reporting

Each monthly report will detail:

  • Total number of clicks including a daily breakdown
  • Number of clicks per keyword
  • Click Through Rate (CTR)
  • Average Cost Per Click (CPC)
  • Total cost per campaign