About Us

logo-verge3Way To Go is the SEO brand of VERGE3established in 1999 as a co-operative between business associates, bringing together some of Australia’s brightest and creative minds.

How time flies… in a few short years, VERGE3 has grown into a mature company with a considerable bank of assets and a growing list of respected associations.

VERGE3 goals are achieved by means of experience, creativity, passion, state of the art technologies and a commitment to quality and innovation.

Where are we at?  Damn good question!

Today, the team behind VERGE3 manage a group of business assets with a wide appeal mainly focused at the Australia marketplace.  SEO is seen as our core business, but we quietly manage a portfolio of interests including domain name management, transport logistics, web publishing and internet related business.

VERGE3 is based in Melbourne, Australia.

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