Google shakes Up Local listing results

Over the last week Google has shaken up local listings.

This latest update has given businesses with a physical location an advantage if their listed in Google Places and could put them near the top of the first page of Google for local listings.

The ranking change preferences those stores and businesses in the results that are closer to the search location.
If you include a full address in both Google Places and on the contact page of your website this will also help.

Unfortunately many trades people operate from mobile phones and email and don’t have or require a physical address. For these trades people their vehicle is their office, they don’t want to disclose their private home address on their website as this is where their family lives. Not having an address in the local area where they operate puts them at a disadvantage in the Google results. To counter this they could run a Google Adwords campaign in order to appear on page one of the results.

Maybe in the future Google Places will allow you to list your vehicles registration details and preferred area of operation if you don’t have a physical business address.

If you don’t mind being tracked, they could provide an app for your mobile phone or GPS device on your vehicle that tracks your general location during working hours.

Check out this article for more on the Google Local update

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